Back-to-School Style: Nailed

Back To School Style: Nailed

With Labor Day just around the corner, it’s time for many of us to hang our bathing suits out to dry one last time, swap out our beach bag for a backpack, and hit the hallways… and the books… but more importantly the hallways (it’s basically a runway, people. Come on!).

A new school year is always a chance to declare your personal style (at least for the semester) and you know as well as we do that no look is complete without a mani to match—or mismatch, cuz we are totally into that too!

From fierce to flirty, sporty to sweet­­­, here are some of our favorite nail lacquer shades for fall. 

Back to School Fierce ShadesFIERCE: Do you sneak an open issue of Elle inside your textbooks? Will you rock electric yellow eyeliner one day and a top knot faux-hawk the next? As a risk taking beauty, keep your tips on the edge of what’s rad with Luke of the Draw and Back in my Gloria Days…


Back to School Flirty ShadesFLIRTY: Tapping your tips in any of these seductive shades will surely get his attention. Love 'em and leave 'em this year in Ink a Dink Pink, A Million Sparkles, and Totally in the Dark.


Back to School Sporty ShadesSPORTY: These bold, metallic hues exude confidence and strength. Rule the court, field, or the student section of the bleachers in Back in my Gloria Days…, A Phil’s Paradise, and Candid Cameron.


Back to School Sweet ShadesSWEET: Who ever said good girls can’t have fun? Turn up your girly girl style with creative, eye-catching takes on your typical go-to hues. Go from sweet to smokin’ in Haley Good Lookin’… and Back In My Gloria Days…

What will your nail look be on your first day?


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