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In the world of lacquer, there is nothing wrong with being a gold digger, and we're not talking about preying on those with lots of moola. We're talking about being in love with glistening tips and being able to achieve a mind-blowing look with the hottest trend in the business, Texture Coat.

Inspired by OPI's best-selling Shatter, Nicole by OPI will soon offer a collection of Texture shades that make unpredictably cool patterns on your nails. The line includes Turquoise, Black, White, Silver, Red and our shining star, Gold. That's right, with the new Gold Texture coat you'll be able to create instant nail art and add a touch of wealth to your nails.  The possibilities are endless, whether you polish it on from nail base to tip or you give diagonal a go, you'll never have the same nails as your arch-nemesis. If that doesn't make a girl happy, we don't know what does! 

Texture Coat

Remember to seal your look with Nicole by OPI's Top Coat Plus for long-lasting, lustrous rock star nails.  Look for this collection in stores July 2011. What shade are you most excited for?


formaldehyde free

Is this product formaldehyde free, like the regular nail polish? Thanks!

I dig it!

Check out my blog post -

Opi textured

This polish is not worth the money i paid for it, it didn't separate at all, it looks like reg polish, only matte...i regret wasting my cash.

Do not like this polish at all!

Looks nothing like the picture. My nails look all messy and bumpy. I have tried it twice now with the same disappointing result.

To Do not like this polish at all!

I was disappointed too when I first tried it,I even contemplated throwing them in the garbage until I found the trick to it. If you put two coats of polish (preferably a metallic texture)let it dry properly + a clear top coat and then you put a medium dose of the shatter, it comes out just like the picture. Now I am glab I kept them, it just takes practice.


For people wanting to know price- it's $7.99 a bottle on amazon pre-order (shipping's free though!).


Wow, first I heard about the Texture, neat! -Kat

Prices cheaper?

I love OPI's Shatter and I'm hoping these are the same but cheaper. Anyone tried these out yet? Is the price better than $8.50 a bottle? I think I've seen this Nicole brand at Wal-mart?

prices cheaper?

I picked two of these up today at Meijer for $6.99 each. To me they aren't the same as OPI shatter, which I have too, but they aren't bad.


I will buy the blue, white, and red ones depending on whether or not they are mattes. I'm not very fond of mattes and that kept me away from the first shatter by opi and most of the china glaze crackles.

Use top coat!!

Then its not matte!! :)

going for the gold...

i NEED the gold!!!!!! cant wait for it :) thanks nicole!!!!

Re: Yes, but...

You don't have to sound so mean in your response. Others need clarification and these pictures don't do the paint justice.

cool,, but..

its like the SAME thing as shatter..! will it look different or something..? i have the OPI Shatter and i want to know is this Nicole Shatter the same thing as OPI Shatter,, or is it better..? -Jessica :D


omg i so cant wait for this to come.its gonna be awesome!! :D

this awesome

looking forward to july

amazing. I'm SO looking

amazing. I'm SO looking forward to the gold!

i'm confused, isn't this the

i'm confused, isn't this the same as Shatter by OPI and crackle by China Glaze? only having one photo doesn't make it very clear.

Yes, but...

They clearly stated "inspired by OPI Shatter" and there are like 5 pictures what are you saying. Read the whole thing before you post a comment next time.

Were you having a bad day, or

Were you having a bad day, or is rudeness just your nature?

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