Life In Lacquer

Nail Growth
Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011
In college, we were determined to get strong nails and long locks. We spent our weekend money on weird supplements that boosted instant growth results - the ingredients too complicated to pronounce. But after constant paranoia that the scent of the pills were permeating from our pores, we abandon ship and pinky-promised a life of healthy eating, taking normal vitamins, and using excellent products to achieve the results we wanted. We know that nail strength and growth-potential are partly genetic, but below Nicole by OPI suggests a few foods and vitamins to work into your diet that will help get your nails ready for a good catfight.
Image for Kleur
Posted on Monday, June 13th, 2011
Nail art is a perfect way to express your individuality and celebrate color. While traditional nail art is cool, the crazier the better for Nicole by OPI. This past weekend some of the Nicole staff hit up Beat Swap Meet in Los Angeles-an event full of vinyl record sales, B-boys showing off their skills, and geometric-heavy manis by LA collective Kleur.
Image showing illustrated fists reading For Your Nails Only
Posted on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011
What do atmospheric science and nails have in common? They are both passions of the artistic talent behind the nail art blog For Your Nails Only, Tara. Tara is the type of nail artist whose work is so unique and unconventional that you can’t even fathom how she creates the masterpieces she does with no official art training. A recent college grad from Cornell University (in you guessed it, atmospheric science), Tara takes Nicole by OPI through all that is the world of nails, blogs, and creative inspiration. What do you like most about nail lacquer and doing nail art?
Cupcake Nails
Posted on Thursday, May 26th, 2011
Cupcakes. They have been all the craze for the last few years, and beyond being delicious and adorable, they are the perfect spring-time nail color influencers. We blame OK Sweetheart's "Home" video and Kristin Wiig's Bridesmaids baking skills for giving us the sweet 'nail' (get it?), but we couldn't help but think there are some Nicole shades guaranteed to give you delectable nails. While you don't need to have little desserts on your tips (though we have seen some impressive nail art that looks good enough to eat), you can simply polish on similar shades as frosting hues to create a fun and flavorful look.  This video influenced us, what influences your nail color/look choices?
Image for Be a Gold Digger
Posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
In the world of lacquer, there is nothing wrong with being a gold digger, and we're not talking about preying on those with lots of moola. We're talking about being in love with glistening tips and being able to achieve a mind-blowing look with the hottest trend in the business, Texture Coat.
Candy Chang Good to be here
Posted on Monday, May 9th, 2011
We’re big on creativity and empowerment. That’s why Nicole by OPI likes to advocate people and projects that carry a great message, like that of our Blogger Spotlight on Poor Little It Girl. So when we stumbled upon Candy Chang’s website we nearly fell out of our seats. She’s taken on multiple creative ventures that made us wish they were happening locally, so we could participate and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.