Color That Lives Forever

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Some things will always live on-black stilettos, friendship bracelets, David Bowie, and frozen yogurt (we refuse to believe this is a trend!). Within that circle of things we hold near and dear are classic Nicole by OPI colors. They are the shades that accompany us to some of the most exciting events of our lives, and just like a best friend, they stick around and know our deepest, darkest secrets. 

Nicole's classic shades aren't your run-of-the-mill hues, they are the type of colors that will get you noticed. They are timeless and over-the-top. With each of the below mentioned lacquers, you're not only completing your look, you're creating an identity. 

Left to right: Light a Candle, Respect the World, The Right Thing, Virtuous Violet and No Limits. 

Classic Nicole Shades

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All time favs!

Virtuous Violet and The Right Thing are my two all time favorite NOPI!!! I did a candy-mani featuring Virtuous Violet, check it out :)--->

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