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Disco Dolls swatchWe always love polishing on a glitter, but there is no more appropriate time to NEED a glitter on your nails than the holidays. A festive sparkling lacquer is perfect for holiday parties, a wild New Years Eve or any chilly day you want to bring a bit cheer to. Khloe’s shade “Disco Dolls” is just the shade to accompany you this season. As she says, this gold glitter “looks like a disco ball exploded…this gold is shiny and glittery enough that it can go with anything and it’s not too overwhelming.” We couldn’t agree more.

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halfmoon mani

"Disco Dolls" is a dazzling way to liven up a current manicure as well. If a single shade on your tips just isn’t enough, try spicing it up with an overlay of "Disco Dolls". We suggest using a deep hue like Kourtney’s delicious deep brown “Hard Kourt Fashionista” as a base and creating a half moon mani with "Disco Dolls" on top. The contrast is eye-catching and a glamorous look for winter. 

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love this!

this is one of my favs! im wearing khloe had a little lam lam on my fingers and a patern of disco dolls and hard kourt fashionista on my toes!

so cute

walmart has them, its lovely =]

i can't find these colours

i can't find these colours anywhere! anyone know if i can buy them online??

Just got 3 of them...

They have it at Walmart or Walmart.com - $7. All look great, I bought Kim-pletely in love, disco dolls, and kourt is red-y for a pedi.

disco dolls

the best color! defiantly gonna be my new years nail color choice!


i am in love w/ every one of these colors! and i totally <3 the kardashians/jenners...they are my ROLE MODELS :)

I love this color!

It's beautiful, fun, sparkly.

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