Girl Crush: Beyonce-Inspired Nails

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Let’s face it, we can’t all be as fabulous as Beyonce. Her talents are endless. She churns out amazing music videos effortlessly. She’s the kind of beauty that looks perfect even on the worst of days; and now, she gave birth to Blue Ivy, a little girl who is sure to be just as fabulous when she grows up. It’s safe to say that Beyonce is a staple in our girl crush department. And while we may not be able to dance without breaking a sweat or throw epic backyard parties (at least our landlords won’t allow it), as nail lacquer lovers, we CAN rock stellar nails similar to those Beyonce shows off in her videos. With these looks you’ll channel a little Beyonce and are guaranteed to feel fabulous for weeks.

beyonce countdown nailart

1.Start with solid base color on all nails. 2.Polish on various colors like "Blue Lace", "Yellow, It's Me" and "Show You Care", creating different sized blocks on each nail. 3.Add black lines to separate the color blocks. 4.Repeat on all nails and seal with Top Coat Plus.  Beyonce Party nailart1.First polish a base coat with varying bright lacquers like "Pink Seriously", painting any nails you wish to have zebra print on white. 2.Create a half-moon mani on one of your nails. 3.Use a toothpick to create zebra stripes on the white section of the half-moon mani. 4.Repeat the zebra stripes on any white sections of other nails. Beyonce party nailart 2 1.Polish on a bright base color. 2. Using a toothpick, make half circles in various sizes and thickness all over the nail. 3.Repeat on all nails. 

Beyonce Who Runs the World (girls) nailart

1.Polish on a bright turquoise like "Diva Into the Pool". 2.Using Scotch tape, tape off different areas of your nails making sure to create geometric shapes. 3.Polish "Disco Dolls" over the exposed nail. Wait two minutes and peel off tape. 

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