Halloween Nail Art How-Tos

Halloween Nail Art How-Tos

Halloween is just around the corner, and we want to make sure you have some nail art tricks up your sleeve. So, treat yourself to a goulish gander at these four simple, yet spooky Halloween nail art looks. You can recreate any one of them with simply lacquer, a nail art brush (or even just a thin paintbrush) and a dotting tool (or toothpick!)


BLACK CAT | 1) Polish on 2 coats of "Love Song." 2) Paint a semi-circle on the tip of your nail using "Razzle Dazzler" and a thin nail art brush. (A small paintbrush will work too!) 3) Add triangles for the ears. 4) For the eyes, paint on sideways teardrop shapes with "Hit The Lights." 5) Then dot the centers with "Razzle Dazzler." 6) Add "Kissed At Midnight" glitter to your other 4 nails and just the base of your kitty-fied nail. Finish with Top Coat Plus and you're done!

Halloween Nail Art Candy CornHalloween Nail Art Candy Corn

CANDY CORN | 1) Polish on 2 coats of white lacquer. 2) Paint on "Hit the Lights" at the cuticle line. You can use tape to help make straight lines. 3) Add a band of "Fresh Squeezed" just above the yellow. 4) Finish with Top Coat Plus and you're done! Halloween Nail Art Bloody FangsHalloween Nail Art Bloody FangsHalloween Nail Art Bloody Fangs

BLOODY FANGS | 1) Polish on 2 coats of white lacquer. 2/3) Paint on "Please Red-cycle" along the cuticle line and tip of your Fangs nail using a thin nail art brush or paint brush. 4) Use "Razzle Dazzler" and a nail art brush to paint outlines of teeth, then fill in the center leaving the white base exposed as the fangs. 5) For the blood, use a dotting tool to make three dots in the center of your nail. Then, pull the lacquer up toward the tip. Continue using the dotter to connect the three drips along the free edge of your nail. 6) Finish with Top Coat Plus and you're done! 


Halloween Nail Art Midnight SkyHalloween Nail Art GlitterHalloween Nail Art Glitter

NIGHT SKY | 1) Polish on 2 coats of "Razzle Dazzler." 2) Brush "Kissed At Midnight" gently down from the tip of the nail. 3With a toothpick, randomly place some moon confetti shapes from "Pixie Glitter." 4) Seal everything in with Top Coat Plus and you're done!


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