Heavy Metal Heros

As a female you can’t deny an appreciation for shiny things. We are born to believe diamonds are our best friends. Massive bracelets and rings have become staples in our wardrobe.  And we can’t take our eyes off of our favorite band’s sweaty lead singer. So when a lacquer collection comes around that turns our nails into gleaming mirrors of pastel, we couldn’t be happier. Paired with a solid outfit of black or your favorite beige blouse, Nicole by OPI’s new Liquid Metals can not only be used to save you on a deserted island (practice your SOS hand movements just in case), but can help you get the attention you deserve. With names like “Miss Independent” and “The Next CEO”, everyone you meet will know you mean business. If you’re unsure on what pieces to pair with these tinted silvery hues, we’ve got four ideas to get you going.

  • A little black dress – We all talk about owning one and using it for any occasion, but a simple number with little frill will get noticed when your nails glisten in “Miss Independent”. http://www.like.com
  • Rocker Matte Metal Ring – Let’s face it, in some realm of your life, you’re a complete Rock Star. And what screams Rock Star more than owning a look? With flashy metals on your tips and a muted metal on your finger, you’ll make the ultimate statement. http://www.nakedboutique.com
  • A Hermes silk scarf – Every once in awhile it’s ok to splurge, and a Hermes scarf is the perfect item to embrace. The fine silk fabric - the 20 plus ways you can wear it – and “It Starts With Me” will showcase your versatility in more ways than one! http://www.jaimemoncarre.com
  • An eco-friendly coffee mug – You may not see this as an accessory, but how many times do you notice a girl’s nails when she’s drinking a hot beverage? Our point exactly. You can do two great things for the environment while sporting “Rich in Spirit”: 1) Wear Nicole’s lacquer free of formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. 2) Avoid producing waste by reusing this ceramic mug instead of paper cups. http://www.etsy.com


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