Indie & DIY Holiday Gift Guide

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We love homemade pressies! A personalized touch makes gift giving that much more special. Although, great as the handmade gift may be, sometimes we get busy (I mean, there are Holiday parties, parades, potlucks and pressie swaps almost bi-weekly these days) or stuck in a creative rut (you can exhaust your right brain on holiday nail art choices alone, never mind personalized presents for all your family and friends!)

The good news is, the solution to "giving DIY" while both saving time and cashing in on someone else's creativity is just a few clicks (and your credit card information) away!

If you haven't already, say hello to:

This cyber indie pop-up shop basically turns that old proverb "Those who can't, teach" into "Those who can't DIY, Etsy!" And we aren't talking any old crafts here, we are talking about quality, creative, unique goods. Like so good you would pin them to your "OMG NEED THIS" board. Leveraging the power of the Etsy creative community as well as our own DIY ideas, here is our Indie & DIY Holiday Gift Gude:


Slideshow Indie & DIY Holiday Gift Guide

Baroque Lacquer Rack |
Baroque Lacquer Rack | View on Etsy.
Nicole by OPI Holiday Gift Packs |
Nicole by OPI Holiday Gift Packs | See retailers.
Wooden Makeup & Brush Organizer |
Wooden Makeup & Brush Organizer | View on Etsy.
Dainty Gold Midi Rings |
Dainty Gold Midi Rings | View on Etsy.
Monogrammed iPhone Case & Compact Mirror |
Monogrammed iPhone Case & Compact Mirror | View on Etsy.
Cuticle Tattoos |
Cuticle Tattoos | View on Rad Nails.
#GiveNicole Holiday Photo Contest |
#GiveNicole Holiday Photo Contest | Enter to win!


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