The Interior Design Mani

A new year means a new beginning, and for many of us that means a new place to call home.

Like picking the perfect nail color, decorating an apartment can become an obsession. The time spent trying different shades on, scouring the web for nail art ideas and MMSing pics to our BFF to affirm we aren’t sending the wrong message is now shared with reading ELLE Décor, consulting recent Apartment Therapy posts for inspiration and debating over feeling cozy or modern most of the year.

From glitters to curtains, nudes to ornate wall mirrors, our apartments and nails are now one in the same – each influencing the other more than ever expected. We’ve become bored with color names like teal and purple, because really, whether it’s our nails or our walls, these will always be “Respect the World” and “Truth or Lilac?” to us. And through all of the debating, consulting, and reading, we’ve found that home decorating rules can apply to our fingertips.

Here are a few ideas on how to take elements from your humble abode and transform them into the perfect manicure.

1) Like accent pillows that pull a room together, your nails can be just the right punch of color to set an outfit off. Choose a vibrant shade that complements, yet contrasts, with your clothing for an eye-popping cohesive look.

2) Use the patterns in your life as nail art inspiration. Chevrons are a great way to add geometric charm to your room. They are also an easy way to create a jaw-dropping accent nail.

3) If you like a more eclectic look full of vintage photos, modern lines & plush rugs, take that style to your tips. Polish on lacquers with different textures. Use a cream as your base color, then gloss the tips with a shimmer. The look will go with any style!


nail style

i like both nail designs but that white color looks like white out instead of polish maybe a thinner stripe would change that effect and have a different impact. love that blue with the tips, i will try that :-)

this is cool

i am redoin my room and this is helpful thank you

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