Making more than your nails look runway ready

Part of being a Nicole girl is about embracing DIY nails. Whether you are devoted to solid, clean tips or love the freedom of layering colors and creating designs to bump your look up a notch, there is great pride in knowing you made your nails look stellar. So, when Style Expert Erica Domesek released “P.S.-I Made This…” last fall, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the book that would take DIY beyond our nails and into our fashion.

PS I made it, Erica Domesek

The 25 projects outlined provide instructions on how to achieve a runway look with a needle, some thread, fabric spray paint, and a lot less money than buying designer styles. The projects are trendy, forward and incredibly simple, which we ADORE. The best part, a few of the accessories and tops take about as long to complete as it takes our nails to dry!




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