Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Land!

Picture for Oh Me, OH Land, Björk, La Roux
Maybe it’s because we loved the film Black Swan or our endless girl crushing on fashion-forward chicas like Alexa Chung and Kate Bosworth, but when we first heard the talented Danish electro-pop singer Oh Land, ballet and beauty quickly became our biggest obsessions.

Once an ambitious ballerina, a back injury encouraged Oh Land to pursue another love, music. And we’re sure glad she did. Her charm and exquisite beauty radiates through her music, fashion and videos. The video for her first single, “Sun of a gun”, shows off her dancer’s legs and is reminiscent of Tesla’s experiment in The Prestige.

Her voice is undoubtedly unique-she’s been associated with Björk, La Roux and other inventive artists-but her look is stunning. Her short manicured nails glow against her fair skin. Her 60s & 70s inspired style make the 25 year old an instant icon. With Oh Land’s recent performance at SXSW and today’s release of her debut album there is no denying that she will be popping up everywhere, influencing our musical choices, justifying a shift dress purchase for spring and possibly making us enroll at the nearest dance studio.

Oh Land "Sun of a Gun" from Oh Land Music on Vimeo


is this a nail polish line in the works?

I think her style could make a cool line... Nuff said.

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