Patty's Nails Take The Cake

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We can’t get enough of nail art, and from what we’ve seen neither can all you lacquer lovers. So this weekend when we attended the opening of Store 13 in Pasadena and met the diamond in the rough that is Patty, a cosmetology student with a knack for out-of-the-box urban nail art, we nearly fell apart with joy.

Patty workingPatty is part of a new breed of nail artists we see popping up at various events all over Los Angeles (also see Kleur post). Three years ago, she began doing designs on her own nails, but has since expanded to doing original designs at requested locations, such as the monthly Pomona Artwalk. There have even been some ‘coolest experience of my life’ moments for this not-yet-certified nail artist. Just one day before we met, Patty was asked to come to the Jay Leno Show to do the nails of up-and-coming female rapper Rye-Rye.  

How did she get the skill to do tribal, Luke Chueh and Captain America inspired nails?Patty nails With a 10/0 art brush, a dotting tool, toothpicks and an array of acrylic paints and Nicole and OPI lacquers, this painter just gave it a-go. And that’s what we liked best about this sweet natured, self-motivated wonder. While her originality is refreshing to say the least, her appreciation for her work is enthusiastic, “I love the creative part of doing nail art, you get to express yourself. Plus, I like giving customers those OMG moments when they really love their nails.” 

See more of Patty’s nail art here:


She takes the cake

Love Patty Cakes.. Got my nails done yesterday and can't stop staring at them :)



Much love to the sis' Patty

Much love to the sis' Patty killing it in the nail game! -- Sistargirl

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