Springtime on your Nails

Image for Springtime on your Nails

Springtime on your nails

As the weather warms, so does our mood. Not to say that we’re total grumpy pants in the dead of winter, but sunny skies mean good vibes and that means our nails crave vibrant hues.

Maybe it’s the Vitamin D we’re soaking up that makes us want coral. Maybe it’s the anticipation of summer festivals that screams, “Glitter, please!” It may be those cozy nights ahead counting fireflies that beg for a shimmering purple. No matter what starts it, as soon as the weather hits 70 degrees, we think of the new Target exclusives due in stores this month.

With a little shimmer and shine That’s Totally Red-ical, Great Minds Pink Alike, Purple Yourself Together, and Look at Me, Look at Me will pop against a mint green clutch, neutral wedge sandals, baby blue shorts or a tangerine tango dress.

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