Artsy Chic

by Katherine Brobst
Lookbook submission for Artsy Chic-361
My style is a bit of everything, so I fondly refer to it as "artistic". I'm an artist, and I love clothes that are fun or unique (either in design or structure), and in turn I like my nails to be the same. This particular look was inspired by a mix of indie fashion with a little bit of rock and roll, and what better way to show rock 'n' roll pride than with leopard? For this manicure, I didn't want to just make your average leopard design. I wanted it to be unique, so I used my favorite shades of pink and purple, with a slight gradient at the tips, and only did my leopard half way across each nail. This not only makes this a fun piece of nail art, but also makes it incredibly versatile to fit my ever-changing style.


That Looks So Cute!

That Looks So Cute!

awesome nails!!!!!!!!!!! i

awesome nails!!!!!!!!!!! i love doing leopard print on mine too! very good idea of doing it only half way. its looks unique!

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